Cold feet? Freezing concrete slab? Foot Warmer to the rescue!

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    A satisfied Cozy Products customer, Andy P., shares his experience with the Cozy Products Foot Warmer mat. ‘I always suffered from cold feet,’ explains Andy P., but ‘bein’ a guy, I thought, you just deal with it.’ Working out of the basement in his house in Howell, Michigan, his home office could be toasty warm, but that concrete slab under his feet ‘stayed freezing – cold as all get-out!’ The last couple of winters were so cold, Andy finally decided he had to do something. ‘I never could stay warm! I was just miserable. I tried electric socks...

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Does your water heater freeze up when the temperatures drop?

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    Chris, a happy COZY Products customer, called us on January 27, 2014 from Riverside, IL, an area of the country facing a high of 1°F (-17°C) and a low of -15°F (-26°C) that day. Chris’s problem: when temperatures drop a certain degree, his external on-demand water heater shuts off to protect itself from damage, leaving him with no hot water on chilly days! Chris’s solution: Chris found the Cozy Legs to be EXACTLY the right size to install between joists in his house, stating “it fit amazingly well!” He installed a Cozy Legs flat-panel personal space heater in...

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7 Reasons Why A Pair of Cozy Feet Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer!

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   Photo credit:   1.  Small enough to fit in a stocking! With each warmer measuring a mere 4.5 by 2.8 inches (and only 6mm thick) these tiny wonders will fit in the stocking and leave plenty of room for candy canes! But don’t let the size fool you – the Cozy Feet battery-powered foot warmers are more than your average stocking stuffer! 2. Kill two gifts with one stone! Gearing up for the holiday season, Cozy Products is offering a free pair of Cozy Feet when you buy any other space heater! You can get two gifts for the...

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Cozy Legs At Home

cozy legs space heaters at home

    We often discuss Cozy Legs as an excellent office solution, which it most definitely is.  However, the Cozy Legs flat-panel heater boasts features that make it a great home solution as well: Uses only 150 watts (same as a light bulb) Won’t blow circuits Won’t run up the electric bill ETL Safety certified as a zero-clearance item Won’t cause fires Won’t damage nearby materials Won’t burn or cause injury if touched Gentle, radiant heat warms without overheating Compact, flat-panel design fits tight spaces Can even be discreetly wall-mounted Here are two stories from Cozy Legs home users: A.J....

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Cozy Legs Featured on!

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    Cozy Legs Press Release Real Simple Magazine’s ‘Daily Finds’ Newsletter names the Cozy Legs Radiant Heater Panel one of the top 7 Space Heaters on the market. Editors recommend space heaters based on price, safety features, versatility, heating capacity, and more. Real Simple editors describe Cozy Legs as “Good news for those with perpetually cold feet.

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