Does your water heater freeze up when the temperatures drop?



Chris, a happy COZY Products customer, called us on January 27, 2014 from Riverside, IL, an area of the country facing a high of 1°F (-17°C) and a low of -15°F (-26°C) that day.

Chris’s problem: when temperatures drop a certain degree, his external on-demand water heater shuts off to protect itself from damage, leaving him with no hot water on chilly days!

Chris’s solution: Chris found the Cozy Legs to be EXACTLY the right size to install between joists in his house, stating “it fit amazingly well!” He installed a Cozy Legs flat-panel personal space heater in the panel space of his wall behind the external water heater and waterproofed it from the outside. The uni-directional heat output put the heat exactly where he needed it, without wasting energy.

Because it only uses 150 watts, and is an ETL-Certified Zero-Clearance item, this heater does not pose the energy costs or fire hazards of most space heaters.

For little cost and minimal set-up, Chris can now enjoy his hot water on days he otherwise could not. “It was just what I was looking for!”

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