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We often discuss Cozy Legs as an excellent office solution, which it most definitely is.  However, the Cozy Legs flat-panel heater boasts features that make it a great home solution as well:

  • Uses only 150 watts (same as a light bulb)
  • Won’t blow circuits
  • Won’t run up the electric bill
  • ETL Safety certified as a zero-clearance item
  • Won’t cause fires
  • Won’t damage nearby materials
  • Won’t burn or cause injury if touched
  • Gentle, radiant heat warms without overheating
  • Compact, flat-panel design fits tight spaces
  • Can even be discreetly wall-mounted

Here are two stories from Cozy Legs home users:

A.J. from Glenview, IL

I don’t know what I’d do without my Cozy Legs!  I’m a writer and often get up to work in the wee hours while everyone is sleeping and the house is CHILLY!  No problem – I put on my fleecy robe, turn on my Cozy Legs heating panel, cuddle my legs up next to it, and settle down at my desk in total comfort.   A couple of hours later I am still warm and snug – haven’t even given a thought to the room temperature – my fingers are warm as I type, and I’m ready for another coffee.  

The rest of the house is still cool, no need to crank up the central heating just for me – my Cozy Legs has taken care of the chill completely.  It’s also silent – no fan to disturb my thought process – and I like the safety factor compared with those super-hot space heaters.  For me, Cozy Legs really fits the bill.

I also find that keeping the whole house too hot dries out everyone’s nasal passages – far better to be comfortable where I am and just use the heat that I need.  Thanks Cozy Legs, 5 out of 5 stars.

Terri from California

First of all, I am disabled…  I’m only 44 years old, and my spine is 85 years old.  Not common for my age to go through these very painful diseases.  I used to use a 1500-watt heater, but now that I’m on a fixed income I can’t afford high utility costs.  When I found the “Cozy Legs” heater, I didn’t hesitate to buy it.  The non-blowing heat is best for the extensive arthritis and other problems I suffer from in the spine.  I also live in a very cold mobile home and I have placed three of the “Cozy Legs” panels in my bedroom and leave them all on at night. 

I have a total of six “Cozy Legs” heaters now.  The benefit of heat verses the painful cold is something of a big discussion for arthritis levels I suffer from.  The cold hurts me different than most people.  Nothing feels better than radiant heat – almost like a sauna feel is what is best for me.  I can’t tell you how much I love your product, you have no idea how much you saved my cold atmosphere and warmed it all up.  Thank you for that.

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