Heating Cost Calculator

How much could you be saving?

If you are currently using space heaters in your home or workplace, your electric bill is probably much higher than desired. You could be saving hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars every year with low-wattage Cozy heaters! In fact replacing current space heaters with Cozy heaters saves users up to 95% in energy costs and energy consumption.

Use this Cozy Savings Chart to determine how much money and how many tons of CO2 emissions you can save monthly and annually just by swapping out your high-wattage space heaters with safe, energy-efficient Cozy Products® personal heaters.

*Based on 2015 Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Consumers according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration of 11¢ per kwh
*Based on an average 1500-watt space heater compared to a 150-watt Cozy heater

Weather forecasters are predicting colder temperatures this winter, following last year's unusually warm season. Because of this the Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates increased heating costs, with average U.S. households spending 19% more on average heating oil and 15% more on natural gas from October 1 to March 31 this winter season.

Cozy Products® vs. typical space heaters – heating cost comparison:

For typical winter (4 months’ use):

  • Typical home use
  • Typical office use (10 people)

Showing cost difference for each of the above, between:

  • Cozy Foot Warmer (or similar COZY product) drawing 100-150 watts
  • A typical space heater drawing 1500-2000 watts

Heating Costs & World Energy Consumption: