Cold feet? Freezing concrete slab? Foot Warmer to the rescue!



A satisfied Cozy Products customer, Andy P., shares his experience with the Cozy Products Foot Warmer mat.

‘I always suffered from cold feet,’ explains Andy P., but ‘bein’ a guy, I thought, you just deal with it.’ Working out of the basement in his house in Howell, Michigan, his home office could be toasty warm, but that concrete slab under his feet ‘stayed freezing – cold as all get-out!’ The last couple of winters were so cold, Andy finally decided he had to do something.

‘I never could stay warm! I was just miserable. I tried electric socks – they were no good. I tried a heater under my desk – didn’t help my feet any. It got so bad, lunchtimes I used to come upstairs and put my feet in a bath of hot water to thaw out!’

So Andy kept up the search – until he found the Foot Warmer. This heated rubber mat gently warms your feet with direct heat as you sit or stand. When feet are warm, the rest of you stays comfortable – as Andy soon discovered. ‘I found this thing online, read the reviews, and thought, Get out! It’s a no-brainer! So I ordered it right away. I’m chompin’ at the bit, waiting for it to show up! It came on a Monday. Couldn’t wait to crank it up! My wife got home and found me watching Monday night football, with my feet on the Foot Warmer mat. She says, what IS that thing? I told her and she said Oh my god, is that cool! I told her, No, it’s awesome!’

‘I was wasting energy and money running space heaters, when all you need is the Footwarmer, because it’s your feet that get cold!’ says Andy. ‘I love it! It’s just a godsend. I like to wear wool socks, and I tell you, there’s two times in a day when my feet are warm – in bed with my wool socks on, and when I’m workin’ at my desk, with my feet on the Footwarmer!’

Andy ordered the Hi-Lo switch too, for extra flexibility, so he confirms that ‘for wearing shoes, the High setting’s perfect, and with socks, you use the low setting. It keeps my feet warm, and my calves too.’ He’s so happy with his Footwarmer, he says, ‘this thing is the cat’s meow – I’m usin’ it right now. I’m diggin’ it!’


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