Space heater swaps and company savings

Space heater swaps and company savings



Cozy Products is pushing the low-wattage space heater movement to a new level by encouraging Space Heater Swaps.

What is a space heater swap?  It’s when a business owner or facility manager makes the decision to replace all old high-wattage space heaters currently used by employees, with low-wattage, energy-efficient Cozy heaters.

Why would a company want to invest in space heaters for employees?  Typical space heaters use 1500-2500 watts.  If multiple users are running these high-wattage devices on a daily basis, the problems and the costs add up quick:

  • Adding thousands of dollars to the company electrical bill
  • Creating serious fire hazards, especially if employees forget to turn off space heaters when they leave
  • Causing tripped circuits and power outages that result in lost data and damaged equipment
  • Increasing annual carbon emissions by several tons

Cozy Products low-wattage personal space heaters use as little as 90 watts – that’s 95% more efficient than a typical space heater; about the same as a light bulb.  All Cozy heaters are ETL Listed and safety-certified to meet strict product compliance standards.

How much can a company save in a space heater swap?  Company savings vary based on how large the company is and how many old space heaters would be replaced.   One Fortune 500 Company saw a per-season savings of $17,000 in energy costs AND 140K pounds of greenhouse gases after replacing 450 high-wattage space heaters with Toasty Toes heated footrests.

Another popular Cozy heater for Space Heater Swaps is the Cozy Legs flat-panel heater.  Cozy Legs is unique in that it is safety-rated Zero Clearance, making it especially suitable for use in even the most highly regulated buildings.

Thinking of making the swap?  Estimate your potential company savings with the Cozy Products Heating Cost Calculator.

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