Safe. Economical. Effective.

Cozy Products® offers low-watt personal heaters that conserve energy, prevent circuit overloads, and reduce the risk of fire.

  • Conserve Energy

    While delivering energy-efficient solutions for the workplace or home, Cozy Products® strives to protect the environment. Unlike standard space heaters, most Cozy Products® require only as much energy as a standard light bulb to run. Environmentally-friendly organizations welcome our high-performance, low-wattage personal space heaters as a safe, efficient answer to traditional heating products.

  • Save Money

    Costing just pennies a day to run, Cozy Products®personal heaters allow you to turn down the thermostat, lower heating bills and help save the environment – all while keeping your personal space cozy and warm. These energy-efficient space heaters are ideal for home or the workplace; Cozy Products® fit desk spaces and/or standing workstations. All of this adds up to money saved.

  • Stay Cozy

    Cozy Products® provide gentle heat to warm your space and can also be therapeutic. Keeping legs and feet warm provides relief and comfort for the entire body. Cozy Products®can help soothe everyday muscle aches, arthritis, & other common medical conditions. Our personal space heaters increase productivity, add comfort and relaxation during leisure activities, and most importantly – KEEP YOU COZY.