7 Reasons Why A Pair of Cozy Feet Makes A Great Stocking Stuffer!


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1.  Small enough to fit in a stocking!

With each warmer measuring a mere 4.5 by 2.8 inches (and only 6mm thick) these tiny wonders will fit in the stocking and leave plenty of room for candy canes! But don’t let the size fool you – the Cozy Feet battery-powered foot warmers are more than your average stocking stuffer!

2. Kill two gifts with one stone!

Gearing up for the holiday season, Cozy Products is offering a free pair of Cozy Feet when you buy any other space heater! You can get two gifts for the price of one – and the recipient never has to know it was free!

perfect stocking stuffer

3. Convince your spouse to take you on a ski trip!

Cozy Feet are water resistant and battery powered, which means you can take them skiing! Unlike chemical warmers, they’re reusable, which is much more cost effective. Isn’t the idea of gliding down a mountain while your feet remain perfectly cozy at 98°F enough reason to take that ski trip you’ve always wanted?

 4. Make snow shoveling appealing!

It happens every year. The snow fills up your driveway and somebody has to do something about it. Maybe everyone in the household does rock, paper, scissors to see who gets the job. Or maybe some unlucky person is stuck with that responsibility year after year. Whatever the case, this year will be different. Crown the king (or queen!) of the snow shovel with Cozy Feet and everyone will want the job!

5. Great for city visits (or city living)!

If you’ve ever visited (or lived in) a city then you know you end up spending a lot of time outside. If you don’t drive you’ll spend time walking around and waiting for buses or trains. If you do drive you’ll most likely still be walking a few blocks to and from the car. Cozy Feet are a great gift for anyone who’s stuck walking around outside in the winter. Whether your loved one lives in a city, works in a city, or just really enjoys urban shopping trips – Cozy Feet will make their winter walking a lot more pleasant!

6. Perfect gift for engaged people (“So you won’t get cold feet!”)!

Okay, so it’s a little bit corny, but if you know anybody who’s about to get hitched Cozy Feet will earn you a laugh if you mention “cold feet” on the card. You know you snickered when you read the heading!

7. Convince your friend to go to the game with you!

If you’re the type of person who will go to a football game no matter how cold it is outside I bet you’ve had some trouble trying to convince someone to accompany you in below freezing temperatures. Take away their excuse to refuse by giving them Cozy Feet! You get company at the game, and they get to stay warm – everyone’s a winner (except maybe your team)!

-Jessica Rodriguez, Bird-X Blogger

Be safe, live green, save money, stay Cozy.


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