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Cold feet? Freezing concrete slab? Foot Warmer to the rescue!

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    A satisfied Cozy Products customer, Andy P., shares his experience with the Cozy Products Foot Warmer mat. ‘I always suffered from cold feet,’ explains Andy P., but ‘bein’ a guy, I thought, you just deal with it.’ Working out of the basement in his house in Howell, Michigan, his home office could be toasty warm, but that concrete slab under his feet ‘stayed freezing – cold as all get-out!’ The last couple of winters were so cold, Andy finally decided he had to do something. ‘I never could stay warm! I was just miserable. I tried electric socks...

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Space heater bans – safer solutions.

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    Many large office buildings, complexes and facilities are moving toward the ban of high-wattage space heaters.  This position is understandable – typical space heaters are extremely problematic: • Power outages. High-wattage space heaters trip circuit breakers and overload the system• Fire hazards. If typical space heaters touch flammable material or tip over, a fire can easily start• High costs. Multiple users equals hundreds of dollars wasted every month• NOT green. Multiple users equals several tons of CO2 wasted every year• Nuisance. Many space heaters are big and bulky and/or have loud fans that are distracting BUT, space heaters...

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