Space heater bans – safer solutions.



Many large office buildings, complexes and facilities are moving toward the ban of high-wattage space heaters.  This position is understandable – typical space heaters are extremely problematic:

Power outages. High-wattage space heaters trip circuit breakers and overload the system
Fire hazards. If typical space heaters touch flammable material or tip over, a fire can easily start
• High costs. Multiple users equals hundreds of dollars wasted every month
• NOT green. Multiple users equals several tons of CO2 wasted every year
Nuisance. Many space heaters are big and bulky and/or have loud fans that are distracting

BUT, space heaters also serve an important and necessary purpose…like keeping employees warm and comfortable at their workstations.  According to a 2009 survey* of facility managers in regards to thermal complaints:

Hot and cold complaints are almost equal
34% of complaints occur in winter
29% of complaints occur in summer (almost half are due to over-air-conditioned circumstances)
‘Too cold’ complaints in summer are most likely to come from office buildings
60% of facility managers report employee use of personal space heaters to adjust temperatures
72% of facilities plan to do NOTHING about the overall temperature control system

So where is the compromise?  Facility managers must make safety and cost-savings a priority, no doubt.  But should employees have to suffer in discomfort all day as a result?

There is a solution.  It just gets lost behind all of the quick-fix $20 space heaters that guzzle 1500-watts and cause all of the problems mentioned above.

Low-wattage, safety-certified personal space heaters are the perfect thermal-equalizer for office buildings and large facilities.  Cozy Products energy-efficient space heaters use the same energy as a light-bulb, are eco-friendly and cost-effective, eliminate serious fire hazards, and are quiet, space-saving devices.  Choose from low-wattage personal heaters below to find a solution that works for your facility and avoid an unnecessary space heater ban.

Office Space Heaters
Cozy Legs – flat radiant heating panel uses only 150 watts and is a Certified Zero-Clearance item
Toasty Toes – heated ergonomic footrest uses only 90 watts
Cozy Toes – discreet, carpeted foot warmer mat uses only 50 watts

Facility, Garage, Warehouse Foot Warmers
Foot Warmer – heated, cushioned floor mat uses 90 watts
Super Foot Warmer – larger mat uses 135 watts

*Temperature Wars: Savings vs. Comfort by IFMA

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