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Cold Climates Can Worsen Pain of Chilly Hands and Feet

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During frigid temperatures, cold hands and feet can be more prone to pain. Cozy Products, manufacturer of energy-efficient heaters, explains a new blog regarding the topic. According to the Cozy blog published on January 7th, 2016, cold hands and feet are more sensitive to pain due to nerve endings that work in detecting temperatures. In more specifics, there are three different kinds—pain receptors triggered by extreme temperatures, warm receptors triggered by warm temperatures, and cold receptors triggered by cold temperatures. “As your hands and feet come in contact with extreme weather (like the cold), both cold and pain receptors are...

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The Challenge of Climate Change Imposes Reasons for Businesses to Go Green

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As the new year approaches, businesses have more reason than ever to consider taking environmental initiatives. Cozy Products, manufacturer of green personal heaters, discusses a recent blog addressing this.   According to the Cozy blog released on December 30th 2015, the reasons businesses should consider taking environmental action can be categorized as 3 different types: must-have, ROI-driven, and human values-related initiatives. Must-have initiatives relate to the ability to comply with the strict, yet necessary environmental regulations. Due to this obstacle that may have a greater effect on smaller businesses, it is thought to support other companies and their aggregation processes....

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