Cold Climates Can Worsen Pain of Chilly Hands and Feet

During frigid temperatures, cold hands and feet can be more prone to pain. Cozy Products, manufacturer of energy-efficient heaters, explains a new blog regarding the topic.

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According to the Cozy blog published on January 7th, 2016, cold hands and feet are more sensitive to pain due to nerve endings that work in detecting temperatures. In more specifics, there are three different kinds—pain receptors triggered by extreme temperatures, warm receptors triggered by warm temperatures, and cold receptors triggered by cold temperatures.

“As your hands and feet come in contact with extreme weather (like the cold), both cold and pain receptors are activated. This simultaneous sensation can amplify the feeling of pain as a response,” explains the blog. This is why individuals tend to associate the cold with worsening pain in these areas.

In addition, the body works to decrease blood flow throughout fingers and toes as a means to cope with cold climates. The blood is then sent in the direction of the body’s core where it is most essential. Due to the decrease in blood throughout the hands and feet, these areas become more sensitive (such as to low temperatures). As the concentration of receptors is even greater in these parts of the body, the pain can be felt more intensely than in others.

Cozy Products, as a manufacturer of green personal heaters, understands the importance of maintaining bodily warmth during the colder times of winter. Cozy heaters not only conserve energy by only require as much energy as a standard lightbulb to run. Tested by reputable companies to ensure safety, Cozy Products are not only safe, but help to soothe discomfort during cold times.   

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