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Toasty Toes and Box
Toasty Toes in use
can lay flat, upright, or adjusted ergonomically
Toasty Toes under desk
Fleece Cover Sold Separately
Fleece Cover Sold Separately
Toasty Toes on FIX IT Home Improvement Channel
Toasty Toes on FIX IT Home Improvement Channel
Cozy Products - Toasty Toes Product Video
Toasty Toes Product Video

Manufacturer's Warranty

Backed by our Manufacturer's Warranty Against Material Defects.

Toasty Toes

Save money.  Save energy.  Stay safe.

  90 Watt Ergonomic Foot Warmer
  Prevents Tripped Circuits & Greatly Reduces Fire Risks
  Saves Money on Energy Bills

The Toasty Toes ergonomic foot warmer combines a space heater & ergonomic foot rest into one space-saving design.

  • Energy-efficient; uses just 90 watts (95% less than a standard 1500 watt space heater)
  • Improves circulation & blood flow, helps those with health problems
  • Reduces fire hazards & is safe to the touch
  • ETL Listed - meeting strict safety standards
  • 3 adjustable positions - may be used as an ergonomic foot stool, upright flat panel heater, or heated mat.
  • Saves money on electric bills

Intelligently designed to put gentle, radiant heat where it does the most good - your feet - this device makes standard space heaters obsolete.

*Order now & get 1 free pair of Cozy Feet!

Note: optional Fleece Foot Cover sold separately

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  We recently distributed over 450 Toasty Toes foot warmers as a green initiative at our company! We are a fortune 500 company with a campus of over 1 million square feet of office space. A recent survey found almost 500 space heaters on campus. By replacing the majority of space heaters we conservatively estimate that our company will save over $17,000 in electricity costs not to mention over 140,000 lbs in greenhouse gases in just one heating season! Not only are your units inherently safer, but the nuisance breaker trips from space heaters are now almost non-existent.
(*See the Toasty Toes Case Study for the rest of this testimonial.)
–Ted S., Fortune 500 Company Facility Operations Manager

  Excellent product! I purchased two of these. One is used in our drafty family den and the other one was a holiday gift. The plush-like carpet feels really great under my feet. Not too warm…just right!
–Suzanne from Wisconsin

  I love my Toasty Toes Foot Warmer! I've had it for a few weeks now. I replaced my space heater at work with this foot warmer and I couldn't be happier. My feet are always cold and now they are nice and toasty. This is the perfect solution!! It's made of sturdy plastic and the lower of the two settings provides more than enough warmth, but I usually have it set at the highest setting – I love that when I get up to walk away my shoes hold the heat for a few minutes.
–Allen R. from Minneapolis

Save money and keep your personal space warm with this angle-adjustable ergonomic foot rest. Toasty Toes uses radiant heat to gently warm cold feet and legs while using just 90 watts – 95% less energy than a typical space heater.

  • Energy-efficient – uses just 90 watts
  • ETL Listed to meet strict safety standards
  • 3 adjustable ergonomic positions provide maximum comfort and relief
  • Uses radiant heat to warm legs and feet at home or in the workplace
  • Improves circulation and blood flow
  • Two heat settings
  • LED indicator displays ON/OFF
  • Easy to set up and use anywhere
  • Optional Toasty Toes Fleece Foot Cover sold separately

Toasty Toes is perfect for almost any sitation where a person is seated or standing in one place. Rest your feet comfortably on the heated device while you watch television or read, or while you work at a desk in the home or office. If you are standing or stationary, set the Toasty Toes to the upright position & use as a heated panel nearby.

Toasty Toes heated footrests are especially ideal for applications where multiple users require a personal heater – give individuals control over the temperature of their personal space, without overloading electrical circuits.

  • Save energy. Typical space heaters use 1500-2500 watts, while Toasty Toes uses only 90 watts.
  • Reduce risk. Space heaters are known to cause fires and blow circuit breakers Toasty Toes is a safe, ergonomic, energy-efficient alternative that is perfect for multiple users in the workplace.
  • Go GREEN. Warm your legs and feet, NOT the planet!
  • Save money. Turn down the thermostat and stay warm without over-heating the whole room.
  • Stay warm. Cozy Heaters keep you warm so you are more comfortable and more productive at home and/or work.

Cozy cost comparison chart (download PDF)

Companion Products:


Fleece Cover for Toasty Toes            Hi-Lo-Off Switch

  • 12" x 18" x (max) 5" (3 adjustable positions)
  • 5 pounds
  • 90 watts, 0.8 amps
  • 115 volts
  • Two heat settings:
    • Footrest Position: 120°F
    • Heat Panel: 140°F
Toasty Toes Case Study - Toasty Toes used at a facility reduce fire risk & saves money in an office

Companion Products:


Fleece Cover for Toasty Toes            Hi-Lo-Off Switch