Radiant Heaters

Cozy Heaters that use Radiant Heat

Radiant heaters transfer heat from a hot object (our heaters) to a cooler object (such as your feet) through space. Warmth is applied by the proximity of the heated object to the cooler object. Fireplaces are an example of radiant heating. Heated floors, wall panels, and heat lamps also use radiant heating.

Radiant heat is often able to warm specified areas more quickly than other forms of technology, using lower temperatures and less energy.

Flat panel personal space heater - gentle radiant heat relieves cold feet and legs
Can be used as a heated ergonomic footrest or a radiant panel heater to warm cold feet and legs.
Heated rubber floor mat keeps feet warm and cushioned in cold conditions. Size: 21 x 14 x 1/4.
Extra-large, heated rubber floor mat keeps feet warm and cushioned in cold conditions. Size: 36 x 16 x 1/4.

Also Available

Convection Heat

Convection is the transfer of heat using a liquid or gas – this includes hot water, hot oil, and hot air. Many space heaters use 'forced' convection as a fan blows hot air from the inside of the device to a specific area.

The Cozy Eco-Save Heater uses convection heating to warm small spaces.

Heat Conduction

Conduction occurs when a hotter object makes physical contact with a cooler object. Some space heaters are safe to the touch and can rest against cold hands or feet to provide constant warmth. The following Cozy Products use heat conduction:

Toasty Toes
Foot Warmer and Super Foot Warmer
Cozy Feet
Cozy Toes