For the Office

Improved Productivity.

Cold employees can't work well effectively. They become distracted by harsh working conditions and ultimately unhappy employees. Morale plummets with the temperature when workers are uncomfortable, costing you money and making your business suffer. Give employees the power to stay warm.

Save Money.

Cold Employees are not only less productive, they smuggle in dangerous, high-wattage space heaters. If you were cold, wouldn't you? After all, they may not be aware of the extra energy expenses involved with such products. As the number of employees jump at this opportunity to stay warm, the high cost to run such heaters multiply. By providing heaters that are extremely energy-efficient (most of our heaters use as much electricity as a standard light bulb), everyone can win.


Prevent Fire Risk.

Many space heaters are dangerous. Some companies ban traditional space heaters entirely for this reason alone! If employees smuggle in traditional space heaters, circuits can become overloaded and lead to tripped breaker shutdowns. By using Cozy products, fire risk can be greatly reduced.  With extensive testing and special certifications, it is no wonder we are often the only brand that companies will approve for office use.

Thinking "Green" Pays.

Improve your company image. These days, customers and employees look to businesses to lead the way forward in lowering energy use. Wasting energy can make your company appear careless. We can't afford not to care; for ourselves, for our businesses, for the planet. There is a better way (safer and less expensive, too) and does not require any compromise in comfort.

Need Help with a big facility or corporate campus?
We can set up a conference call to discuss your needs.

Our expert technicians will help you pick the best solutions for your needs. Cozy Products had been the established leader in energy-efficient, low-watt heaters for decades. We were making them long before "going green" was fashionable, because they saved money and were simply a better value. 
The Cozy Advantage: Safe, Economical, Green, Effective.