With the Drop in Temperatures the Use of Space Heaters Increase the Likelihood of Dangerous Fires

With temperatures dropping to ultimate lows this week, the risky use of space heaters become a common source of warmth for families and homes. Cozy Products, a manufacturer of safe and low wattage heaters, discusses a new blog in regards to this situation.

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A Cozy blog published on January 11th, 2016, reviews three recent cases of household fires that have been attributed to space heaters. Two accounts, reported by Kake.com, had occurred consecutively within homes located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Altogether the damage that had accumulated from both fires was worth an estimated total of $60,000. Thankfully parties involved during the event escaped with only minor injuries.

A circuit overload from a space heater was discovered to be the source of the later account. This is just one of the possible causes of using powerful space heaters within your home. Many offices have even placed a ban on its use, due to its known dangers.

In another episode, recorded by Channel3000, a malfunctioning space heater destroyed an entire barn in Beloit, Wisconsin. Although four horses were rescued in time, the damage extended to include a nearby horse trailer, the owner’s home, garage, and vehicle. This totaled to $71,000 in estimated destruction. This case shows the ability for space heater fires to spread in great scale. It is never guaranteed that the damage will be contained within the source’s location.

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s 2014 report, heating equipment is the cause for more than 60,000 home fires every year in the United States. Traditional space heaters may provide warmth when temperatures dip, but also generate a huge risk that potentially places your loved ones in danger.

Cozy Products recognizes the importance of staying knowledgeable about purchasing personal heaters. If extra warmth is necessary, there are always alternative heat sources that provide the same warmth without the probability of fire. If traditional space heaters must be used, be aware of the possible risks that come along with its use and proceed with extra caution.

Cozy Products understands the importance of maintaining warmth as well as safety within homes and small spaces. Offering a number of low wattage personal heaters, Cozy Products help to conserve energy, prevent circuit overloads, and reduce risks of fire. As a company, fire risk is taken seriously with all products being tested by reputable companies in order to ensure maximum safety.

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