Winter 2015 is Coming: Farmers’ Almanac Again Predicts Nasty Winter Ahead

After Winter 2014, many Americans were hoping for a mild winter this year. Unfortunately, as Cozy Products reports, that's not in the cards.

Winter is coming – and it’s going to be another cold one. Americans saw the proof of the Farmers’ Almanac’s accuracy last winter, when they predicted the “colder-than-normal winter for two-thirds of the country” with “piercing cold” conditions (Cozy News).Cozy Products explain why Americans should prepare now for yet another below-normal winter.

This year, the Old Farmers Almanac again predicts that it will be colder than normal for most of the country.

In the Midwestern and Heartland sections, including Chicago, Milwaukee, Des Moines, Detroit, and Indianapolis, the publication states, “Winter will be colder than normal, with the coldest periods in late December, throughout January, and in early February.” It also states snowfall will be heavier than normal for most of these areas.

Between the Ohio Valley and Atlantic Corridor, including the Northeast, New England, Cincinnati, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Richmond, the Almanac states, “Winter will be colder and slightly wetter than normal, with above-normal snowfall.” The most snow is said to fall between mid to late December and continue through February. Notably in Ohio, “Winter will be much colder than normal… [and] snowfall will be above normal.” Snow is expected to continue through March.

The Deep South is said to be, “much colder than normal... Snowfall will be near or slightly above normal in the north.” The Southeast, including Atlanta and Raleigh, is predicted to be “colder and drier than normal, with near- to above-normal snowfall.” Texas is also said to carry temperatures below normal, though snow will be low. The High Plains, which include Cheyenne and Denver, are said to be colder and drier than normal. Areas where temperatures will be warmer than usual include the Desert Southwest, Pacific Southwest and Northwest, and the Intermountain areas.

Overall, the country appears to face another below-average winter. In the Midwest, where Cozy Products headquarters is located, Radio Iowa states, “For winter 2015 the prediction is bitter and snowy, which I think is about the worst prediction of any section of the country.” This is contracted however by ABC 7, stating that, “nearly the entire country, especially the New England area, will suffer yet another very cold winter this season.” Whatever the case ends up being, it’s unquestionable that this winter appears to be shaping up to hit the whole country hard – again.

While the Old Farmers’ Almanac itself, which was founded in 1792, states no one has yet to predict long-range weather with complete accuracy, their 222 years of results, “are almost always very close to… 80 percent.” Considering their complete accuracy last winter, there is plenty of reason to believe them.

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