Winter 2013 Predicted to be “Piercing Cold” – find out how you can Stay Safe and Save Money with Intelligent Heating Solutions from Cozy Products

It’s that time of year again – the electric bills go up as the temperatures go down. Thankfully Cozy Products provides a full line of energy-savvy solutions to keep you toasty without breaking your budget.

It’s not news we’re happy to report, especially as a Chicago-based company, but The Farmers’ Almanac recently announced that this coming winter will be a “colder-than-normal winter for two-thirds of the country,” naming our region one of the hardest-hit areas.  Not only does that mean we’ll all be spending more time indoors, it means the gas/electric companies will be sending us higher bills, we’ll be burning more natural resources, and we can expect more fires caused by cheap, dangerous heating devices.

As we prepare to huddle inside our homes and offices in the fated months, it’s a great time to consider better alternatives to our old heating methods. While there are many products out there that say they are energy efficient, some use more energy than you’d think – which can leave an unwelcomed surprise on your energy bill!

Rethinking the ordinary, Cozy Products offers a full line of exceptional energy-saving, earth-friendly products that lower winter electricity costs, prevent circuit overload, and reduce the risk of fire.  Unlike traditional personal space heaters which blow excess heat/energy in all directions, these products target where you need heat the most, reducing up to 99% of the energy otherwise wasted.

Here are a few products you can use to stay comfortable and safe this winter while saving on your energy bill. For a complete Heating Cost Calculator, click here.

The Cozy Legs flat panel personal space heater uses radiant heat to relieve cold feet and legs, while using less energy than a light bulb! This is rated for ETL Zero-Clearance, meaning it can be placed directly on or against combustible items without causing a fire hazard, and features a long 10’ cord. This convenient solution can be mounted on the wall, leaned against a surface, or used free standing.

Need ergonomic support? The Toasty Toes ergonomic heated footrest not only relieves chilly feet, its adjustable positions provide extra comfort. At just 90 watts, this is an incredibly economical and effective device.

The popular Eco-Save Heater is a great alternative to standard space heaters, using only half the energy they use.  It’s so small it fits almost anywhere and may be placed on shelves, desks, or wherever you need extra warmth.  It is fully customizable with variable fan speed control and an adjustable thermostat.  Targeting heat wherever you need it most, this egg-shaped heater drives down energy costs and protects against fires with safety tip-over shut off protection.

For more heavy-duty uses, the waterproof Footwarmer provides direct heat and may be used both outdoors and inside, thanks to adjustable settings. It comes in two sizes (90 watts and 135 watts) and is commonly used for drying boots and shoes.

Especially popular with business door entrances are the ‘Ice-Away’ ice and snow melting mat.  Not only will this mat keep your front door entrance safe all winter long, it will use only 240 watts to keep a large outdoor area (36” x 32”) clear in the harshest winter conditions.

Finally, if you do need to go outside for work or play, Cozy Feet battery-powered heated insoles heat up in seconds and provide continued warmth for any environment. Ultra-thin and flexible, these conform to shoes and feet of any size for a safer, energy-efficient alternative to chemical heating pads.

Cozy Products is based in Chicago, IL and has been the established leader in energy-efficient, low-wattage heaters for over forty years. Cozy’s mission is to provide safe, green, money-saving heating solutions for today’s eco-conscious world. Save Money. Conserve Energy. Stay Cozy. 


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