Research Reveals 95% Savings, Low-Watt Space Heaters

New research from Cozy Products determines that replacing old space heaters with low-wattage personal heaters results in 95% savings for users and the environment. This new data reveals that individual users can save hundreds of dollars every year just by swapping their old energy-wasting space heaters with a low-wattage Cozy heater. For the many companies where multiple employees are running old space heaters, the annual savings can reach into the thousands.

For example, swapping one (1) old space heater with a low-wattage Cozy heater results in an annual savings of up to $441.00 and 1.46 tons of CO2 emissions per year. On a larger scale, replacing ten (10) energy-draining office space heaters with low-wattage Cozy heaters results in an annual savings of up to $4,410.00 and 14.58 tons of CO2 emissions. To see the rest of the savings data, see our Heating Cost Calculator page.

Traditional space heaters use between 1500 and 2500 watts. These high-powered devices place an unnecessary financial burden on users, forcing them pay dearly just to stay warm during the colder winter months.

According to a 2009 study by IFMA (International Facility Management Association), 60% of employees experiencing temperature issues in the workplace report using personal space heaters to improve conditions. Even in offices and facilities where portable space heaters are banned (due to fire hazards and tripped circuit breakers) there are reports of thermally disgruntled employees ignoring the bans and smuggling in their own space heaters.

Low-wattage space heaters are a safe, cost-effective solution to this problem. They give individuals personal control over their environment. It is recommended that companies provide employees with a list of approved UL / ETL safety-certified personal space heaters. Or even better, the company can purchase the approved heaters for employees who are interested in the option. The annual savings on the electric bill is well worth the one-time cost of the devices, especially since the heaters are sure to improve comfort, morale and productivity in the workplace.

*Based on the 2011 Average Retail Price of Electricity of 11¢ per kwh according to
*Based on an average 1500-watt space heater compared to a 150-watt Cozy personal space heater

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