Go Green with Cozy Products to Stay Warm and Safe from the Winter Blues

Cozy Products – the leading innovator in personal heating solutions – delivers safer, energy-efficient ways to keep you warm and save more money all winter season.

Save Money

Costing pennies a day to run, Cozy Products energy-efficient low-wattage heaters allow you to turn down the room thermostat for lower heating bills during those colder months.  Heating your feet and legs helps keep your entire body warm without overheating the entire room.  Stay warm and productive all winter long while you save money!

Save Energy

Traditional space heaters use 1500-2500 watts to run, driving up costly electric bills.  Energy-saving Cozy Products are 90-750 watt heating solutions that consume much less energy to keep you warm.  Many Cozy Products require just the same energy as a light bulb to run and include recycled materials where possible.

Stay Safe

Environmentally-friendly low-wattage features prevent circuit overload, the risk of fire, as well as other safety hazards commonly associated with a traditional space heater.  Many of these traditional heaters are banned from office and dorm
environments due to over 2,000 fires associated with them each year.  Facility and office managers welcome our products as an energy-efficient alternative to keep employees safe, warm and productive.  One Fortune 500 company rolled out 500 Toasty Toesas a ‘greener’ workplace initiative and estimated a cost savings of up to $17,000 for the heating season!

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