Soup: The Ultimate Cold Comforter

Soup: The Ultimate Cold Comforter


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Today, food is the game and soup is the name. Nothing provides more comfort than a warm bowl of soup in the winter. The possibilities are endless—making it nearly impossible for even the pickiest eaters to refuse. Do you feel your cravings starting to kick in? Well, don’t fret. We’re going to keep things simple and easy. Here are 5 delicious soups that only require 5 main ingredients to concoct.

pesto chicken noodle soup

Let’s start with the basics, while adding a little kick. Chicken noodle soup is known as a tasty cure for that winter cold. But who said you can’t have it every day? This recipe calls for chicken broth, tomato sauce, egg noodles, chicken breasts, and pesto (for that kick). There’s your five ingredients. Of course for extra taste, salt and olive oil can be added to the mix.

 beefy corn, black bean, chili


Need something a little heartier? Make sure to pick up some ground beef, chili powder, frozen corn with black beans, beef broth, and a can of tomato sauce. There you have it. This is one soup that will never leave you hungry. If you’re trying to get fancy, just add some sour cream and onions to top it all off.

 sweet potato, soup,


With the healthy reputation of sweet potatoes, there is no doubt in their ability to make a heavenly soup. This recipe is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, yet is in need of a savory meal. The following are your 5 main ingredients: sweet potatoes, cream, vegetable stock, celery, and poultry seasoning. Throw that in a pot and witness the creamy magic…

 french onion, soup,


This is a classic favorite. All you need is beef broth, gruyere cheese, thyme, yellow onions, and olive oil. The combination of hot soup topped with melted cheese can never disappoint. French onion soup gets even better with a French baguette. Let the dipping begin!

 coconut, soup, mushroom, noodles,


Are you in need of a new kind of soup? Grab your shopping list to add chicken broth, light coconut milk, hoisin sauce, mushrooms, and rice noodles. This Asian spin will have you begging for more. Switch out the chicken broth for some vegetable broth, and you have a crowd pleaser for even your vegetarian friends.

It’s hard to go wrong with soup—especially when there are only 5 ingredients involved. When you’re stuck in the kitchen pondering about what to make, take a quick look outside as a reminder than you’re in need of something warm. Keep it simple and let some soup do the job to fighting the dreadful winter.

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