Must Knows During the Crazy Cold

Must Knows During the Crazy Cold




This past week, temperatures have plunged to great lows, especially in the Midwest states. Reaching some of the lowest climates of the season, conditions are not only cold, but hazardous as well. In order to preserve your health, it is crucial to stay smart when tackling such extreme weather.                                                                                              

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NBC Chicago had composed a list of the top 10 things one should keep in mind before exposing themselves to such extreme conditions. From household tips to vehicle guidance, nothing seems safe from the cold.

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The list begins with the basics—even though many people tend to forget their importance. If you don’t need to go outside, just don’t. Avoiding exposure to such extreme conditions all together, may be the best way to deal with the cold (by not having to deal with it). However, when it is absolutely necessary to head outdoors, make sure to bundle up in lightweight layers to maintain the warmth of your body.

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In any case, being knowledgeable of hypothermia signs could keep those aware of more extreme health cases that can occur—especially during times of such low temperatures. The article states, “Watch for signs of hypothermia, including uncontrollable shivering, weak pulse, disorientation, incoherence and drowsiness, and frostbite…” Recognizing such symptoms early can allow for quicker treatment before letting the condition deteriorate.

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It is also beneficial to be ready for the worst case winter scenarios in the home. The article addresses the importance of being prepared for a power outage. “Have safe emergency heating equipment in your home, as well as a flashlight, portable radio and three days’ worth of food…” states the article. Being equipped for the most extreme situations that the weather brings, will have you feeling ready, when and if the moment comes.  

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Vehicles are no exception. Icy streets and frozen parts make driving more hazardous than usual. Keeping an emergency kit filled with helpful tools and necessities, could not only keep yourself comfortable until help arrives, but even provide you with the necessary equipment to get your care back on the road safely.

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From staying home to driving in the cold streets, no situation seems exempt from the extremely low temperatures. Being knowledgeable about the worst case scenarios, for all situations, can ultimately lead to well-prepared individuals—ready for whatever winter has in store. Make sure to take advantage of these winter tips to remain safe, equipped, and mindful during these dropping temperatures.   

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