Last Minute DIY Gift Idea: Personalized Coloring Books

Last Minute DIY Gift Idea: Personalized Coloring Books


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From holidays, birthdays, and all other special occasions in between, last minute shopping can be quite stressful and overwhelming. Giving the perfect present may be better made, than store-bought. Here’s one great idea: a DIY coloring book. In instances where you are contemplating a gift that is original, yet affordable, this coloring book may be the ultimate life-saver. Bring out your creative side and get started.

1. Collect it: This first step is what makes this gift all about personalization. Think of the special someone who will be unwrapping the surprise. Collect a bunch of photos that represent their personality, interests, or hobbies. For example, images of hot chocolate, the Eco-Save Heater, and of course Ryan Gosling, define what it means to be crazy cozy for the perfect Cozy Products coloring book.

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2. Edit It: Open up your favorite photo editing software. In this case, Photoshop will do the job. A greyscale effect (image>mode>greyscale) and trace contour filter (filter>Stylize>trace contour) is one way to transform each photo into a coloring page. Other photo adjustments may have to be made before these effects are applied (to produce better contrast), in order to create the perfect coloring page platform. Just play with it and watch as the magic happens.


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3. Print It: After you have finished the full transformation, print those babies out!

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4. Cover It: This next step is less about instruction and more about creativity. A book is nothing without its cover. Create the perfect front cover and back cover for the important duty of holding everything together. This is the perfect opportunity to add some color to this currently colorless book.

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5. Bind It: There are a number of options for binding all of the pages together. There’s needle and thread, string and hole punches, or simple just glue. Pick your weapon and let at it.

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6. Gift It: Once everything is securely fastened, it’s ready to give. Tie around a little ribbon and it’s all good to go! Watch as the smiles commence as the surprise is unwrapped and enjoyed.

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