Get a Grip and Avoid the Slip

Get a Grip and Avoid the Slip



The cold hits, the snow melts, and then it all freezes to ice. As this slippery layer takes hold of the ground, it becomes a huge struggle to find traction. Being extremely cautious with every step is time-consuming and annoying. Additionally, slipping and falling can be more than embarrassing. It can be dangerous and painful. Prepare for a less-gruesome winter. Avoid causing a stressful scene from your fall of shame with these 5 products. It’s about time to get a grip and eliminate the slip.

1. Mini Ice Grippers: Resembling something quite similar to a rubber-band, these Mini Ice Grippers provide extra traction with metal studs. Simply stretching the band over your shoes of choice, can keep you from unwanted sliding. Choose between neon pink, blue, or black to hit the ice with style.

2. Shoe Grip Spray: Grip in a can! It can’t get easier than this. Spraying the formula onto the soles of your shoes can help to improve traction on the slippery ice without ruining your footwear. This option is perfect if you don’t like adding any extra bulk to your shoes.

3. Yaktrax: Yaktrax are made for those who are active in snowy and icy environments. Simply attaching the device, made of steel coils and rubber, onto the bottoms of your shoes, can allow for enough stability even run in snowy conditions. Now if you don’t call that grip, I don’t know what you do.

4. Dog Boots: Let’s not forget about the dogs. Specially designed booties give your pet a little more “unf” in their step. It’s style, warmth, and grip all-in-one. Up your puppy’s winter wardrobe with this perfect edition.

5.Ice Skate Heels: Maybe you don’t mind the ice, but you’d rather slide in style. These Ice Skate Heels are not the most practical choice of shoes, but definitely contribute a little more fun into your life. Stand out this winter by gliding across icy walkways instead of the plain-old walking everyone else does.

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