Temperature War Turmoil

Temperature War Turmoil


thermostat war


A long work day can be stressful by itself; however, having to endure freezing or sweltering conditions while trying to get the job done doesn’t make anything better. When it comes to thermostat wars, it is difficult to please the whole office—bosses can be trying to lower the energy costs, employees can be in constant disagreement over what’s best, and in the end no one’s happy. As a result, some employees are too hot while others are too cold—causing unhappy, less productive workers.

For most offices, thermostats are set at lower temperatures to appease the workers that are too hot (who quickly become cranky and demand more AC—anyone who’s worked in a large office knows that summertime office climate means sweater weather).


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As many offices prohibit personal space heaters, intensely cold temperatures are a force to be reckoned with, causing chilly workers to try all possible alternatives. From using Snuggies to wearing layer upon layer, the choices for keeping warm becomes an unnecessary hassle.


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Others may even be so distressed as to smuggle in dangerous heaters just to keep comfortable, introducing a greater problem. The desperation to stay warm requires a constant effort from workday to workday. Sneaky...

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To all those who find this situation extremely real, Cozy Products offers personal heaters that most offices accept. Meeting strict ETL safety standards and using radiant heat technology, the risk and danger concerns are diminished. With low wattage, low surface temperatures, and auto-shut off features, they not only effectively warm cold workplaces, but they help to drop the cost of energy bills. Unlike standard space heaters, Cozy heaters only heat small areas—so workers more sensitive to overheating can rejoice.

You are not alone when it comes to the struggles of a terribly cold office. Employees are forced to take initiative and use their imagination in search for that much needed warmth. With green heaters, individuals are allowed to control the comfort of their space without disturbing co-workers next door. It is the perfect solution for such a prominent problem in the workplace. Now, let’s take the time to relate to these people…


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