Room Heaters

Space Heater with Half the Watts

The Eco-Save Heater is our most versatile personal space heater.  As our one and only room heater, it can be used at home or in the workplace. As a portable, low-wattage convection heating device, the Eco-Save Heater can be used in a multitude of ways. From personal spaces to small rooms and from on the floor to on top of the desk, it can target the warmth towards one's feet, body, or hands. There are endless applications for such a convenient and compact heater.

  • Home – kitchen, basement, attic, bedroom, living room, enclosed porch, garage
  • Recreation – lake house, cabin, ice fishing house, recreational vehicle, or anywhere with an electrical outlet!
  • Office – at individual desks or to warm small rooms/offices
  • Facilities – workstations at warehouses, factories, plants, garages, hangers, and many more
Small, space-saving personal space heater - fits almost anywhere and gently warms the area.