In the Snow

In the Snow

When temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain safe and warm in such harsh conditions. Between falling icicles and slippery ice on the sidewalks, not to mention the cold weather nipping the warmth from your body, any solution is sought to reduce the potentially dangerous effects of snowfall.

Here are some tips on staying safe, warm, and comfortable outdoors.

Dressing Warm

If you are someone who is familiar with the cold, knowing what to wear becomes a huge factor in snowy conditions.

Wearing proper snow attire will not only determine your warmth, but it will lessen certain risks associated with snowfall. Taking advantage of the following tips can help to put up a good fight against the harsh weather.

  • Wear Layers: Wearing layers is an essential to keeping warm. Utilizing thin clothing first makes it much easier to place more layers on top. Beginning with thin clothing and ending with a thick winter coat or jacket, your body’s exposure to the cold weather is greatly minimized.
  • Accessorize: By adding fuzzy socks, fluffy scarves, and snug hats into your wardrobe, it can help to keep some of the most sensitive parts of the body warm. Hands and feet have a high chance in coming into direct contact with the cold snow, so it is important to keep these body parts covered for extra warmth.
  • Use Heated Shoe Inserts: Cozy Feet is an ultra-thin heated foam shoe insert that warms up in seconds to keep feet warm without limiting movement. The inserts are reusable with a size that fits all. Cozy Feet is the perfect solution for anyone who spends much of their day trying to withstand the harsh outdoor cold.

Reducing Snowfall Risks

  • Boots with a Grip: Snow can cause dangerous problems when it comes into contact with walking surfaces. As the snow melts, a thin layer of ice makes it easy for a walker-by to slip and fall. By wearing boots with a good bottom grip, a tighter grasp of the ground is made which prevents one from falling.
  • Keep Pathways Safe: Cozy Products' Ice Away Foot Mat combines a non-slip outdoor mat with a heated snow-melting mat. The energy-efficient Ice-Away Mat keeps building entrances safe and inviting, and eliminates the constant need to shovel and salt the sidewalks while lowering the risks of slipping and falling.

Cozy Products

Cozy Products produces an array of safe, economical, green, and effective personal heaters for both indoor and outdoor use. Our line of products helps to eliminate risks, save money, and conserve energy while staying comfortably cozy and warm.