Go Green!

As a company, Cozy Products strives to protect the environment by offering green personal heaters that not only save energy, but save money.  Compared to the standard space heaters, which are often prohibited and dangerous to workspaces, our products meet the strict ETL safety standards.  By providing a number of safety features, Cozy Products are able to maintain a comfortable & protected environment of much needed warmth.

  • Low wattage (95 watts vs the standard 1,500 watts)
  • Radiant heat technology
  • Low surface temperatures (safe to the touch)
  • Power to device cut if knocked over
  • Electric heat used to reduce risk and save energy

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, statistics show that worldwide net emissions of greenhouse gases have increased by 35% between 1990 & 2010. As of 2011, Asia, Europe, and the U.S. alone accounted for 82% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions.  Because such gasses can remain hundreds of years within the atmosphere, and their unique ability to absorb energy, the world we call home is over going numerous atmospheric changes. By choosing green alternatives, such as Cozy Products, you are able to take part in conserving energy and reducing the emission of greenhouse gas. As you help yourself stay warm in the harsh winters, and extremely chilly workplaces, you are simultaneously helping the environment.


We’re all about the saving—saving the environment, saving energy, and even saving money. By using Cozy Products’ personal heaters, you are able to receive the warmth you need without breaking the bank. The costs to run such heaters only add up to pennies a day!  By turning down the thermostat and turning up your Cozy heaters, the cost of energy bills will drop—making everyone in the office happy campers.

Improve Company Image!

Throughout the years, the demand for green products and alternatives has continued to increase.  As consumer consciousness grows toward environmentally friendly products, organizations that similarly support & welcome the going green initiative, attract likeminded customers.  Without sacrificing efficiency and performance, Cozy Products can provide safe, low wattage, and effective warmth. As the perfect solution to chilly & uncomfortable environments, Cozy Products can help you while helping our home.