General Space Heater Safety

Cozy Products are safer than than most space heaters because all of our products are:

  • Low-watt (our highest watt heater is half that of traditional space heaters; most of our heaters are much lower)
  • Designed for safety
  • Extensively tested

Cozy Products takes safety extremely seriously. With this being said, we've put together a general space heater safety guide in hopes that it may help prevent space heater related fires with any brand used.


Please feel free to share this infographic on your own blog or website. When you do, please give credit and link to Cozy Products.


Our heaters can be used in areas most traditional 1,500-watt space heaters cannot, such as the 750-watt Eco-Save Heater (our highest watt heater), and the Zero-Clearance (things may touch the heater directly without causing a fire hazard), 150-watt Cozy Legs.