Electric Space Heaters

Cozy Electric Space Heaters are the Best Option for Safety & Savings. 

Gas and kerosene heaters are known to cause fires and occasional carbon monoxide poisoning. On the other hand, electric heaters reduce risk and save energy. Cozy electric space heaters meet strict ETL safety standards and have various safety features built-in.

  • Low-wattage
  • Use of radiant heat technology
  • Low surface temperatures
  • Power to device cut if knocked over

Cozy electric space heaters only use about the same energy as a lightbulb!

Small, space-saving personal space heater - fits almost anywhere and gently warms the area.
Flat panel personal space heater - gentle radiant heat relieves cold feet and legs
Can be used as a heated ergonomic footrest or a radiant panel heater to warm cold feet and legs.
Heated rubber floor mat keeps feet warm and cushioned in cold conditions.
Size: 21 x 14 x 1/4.