Chicken Coops and Cozy Legs

Chicken Coops and Cold Weather

chicken coop

When colder seasons hit, chicken coops may need to be warmed up by a few degrees. According to the Chicken Chick, chickens are able to regulate their body temperatures much better than humans. However, she continues, “if absolutely necessary to add a few degrees to the inside of the chicken coop in the winter, utilize a safe heat source such as a flat panel radiant heater that brings the temperatures up just a few degrees. There should not be a drastic difference between the outside temperatures and temperatures inside the coop.”

Consequences of Choosing the Wrong Chicken Coop Heater

Safety and power are two important factors to consider before deciding the proper device for slightly warming chicken coops. Traditional space heaters are known for their dangerous risk of starting fires. If an unsafe heater is used, it can lead to a number of hazardous scenarios.  In addition, as mentioned previously, a heat that is too strong for the chickens can hinder their ability to adapt to outside temperatures.

How Cozy Legs Can Help

As a flat panel heater, Cozy Legs can provide the desired temperature for chicken coops during chillier climates. With the use of radiant and convection heat, this personal heater provides moderate warmth to personal spaces. Usually purchased for use in homes and offices, Cozy Legs can provide the gentle warmth pertinent for chicken coops.

Overall Benefits of Cozy Legs

In addition to effectively warming up a space, Cozy Legs works to conserve energy and promote safety. The product is an ETL Certified Zero-Clearance item to prove its compliance with North American safety standards. If compared to traditional space heaters, Cozy Legs reduces the real risk of fires that have been proven through reputable tests to ensure safety.

Cozy Legs only requires a few pennies a day to run, while demanding as much energy as a standard light-bulb. Ultimately, by utilizing this personal heater, money can be saved and energy can be conserved.

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