Cozy Products Introduces a Low-Wattage, Zero-Clearance Space Heater, Perfect for Office Use

Almost every office manager has found themselves in the middle of an office temperature war at one time or another. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. One employee can be visibly perspiring, while another is bundled in layers from head to toe. It’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy. Chicago based company, Cozy Products, has developed a solution to this wide-spread problem. The Cozy Legs flat-panel personal heater is a low-wattage, zero-clearance item that keeps legs and feet warm using radiant and convection heat. Many offices ban the use of space heaters due to high energy costs, safety concerns and...

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Research Reveals 95% Savings, Low-Watt Space Heaters

New research from Cozy Products determines that replacing old space heaters with low-wattage personal heaters results in 95% savings for users and the environment. This new data reveals that individual users can save hundreds of dollars every year just by swapping their old energy-wasting space heaters with a low-wattage Cozy heater. For the many companies where multiple employees are running old space heaters, the annual savings can reach into the thousands. For example, swapping one (1) old space heater with a low-wattage Cozy heater results in an annual savings of up to $441.00 and 1.46 tons of CO2 emissions per...

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Go Green with Cozy Products to Stay Warm and Safe from the Winter Blues

Cozy Products – the leading innovator in personal heating solutions – delivers safer, energy-efficient ways to keep you warm and save more money all winter season. Save Money Costing pennies a day to run, Cozy Products energy-efficient low-wattage heaters allow you to turn down the room thermostat for lower heating bills during those colder months.  Heating your feet and legs helps keep your entire body warm without overheating the entire room.  Stay warm and productive all winter long while you save money! Save Energy Traditional space heaters use 1500-2500 watts to run, driving up costly electric bills.  Energy-saving Cozy Products are 90-750...

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