Cozy Products® Headquarters Relocated to Elmhurst

Cozy Products Elmhurst Headquarters

After 10 years of operating from our former Chicago location, Cozy Products® bids farewell to our previous locale. Due to increased development, our company has outgrown our former space and our need for a more spacious facility became evident. This summer, we have made our new home at a larger facility in Elmhurst, Ill. This new facility will help us to better service our customers’ needs and develop new, innovative, energy-saving heating solutions.

We are grateful for the continued support and enthusiasm for our products; the support we have received has allowed us to move forward and make this change. Regarding the company’s recent move, Cozy Products® President Dennis Tilles said, “The new facility will help Cozy Products®, Bird-X and Yates Motloid to better service the growing needs of our customer base. We’re excited to start this new chapter of our company and look forward to the future challenges in an ever-changing environment”

Cozy Products® is grateful for the continued support and enthusiasm for our products. We look forward to the future of providing safe, economical personal heaters.

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