Global CO2 Emission Slows After Years of Continuous Growth

As companies increase dependence on more eco-friendly resources, the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere has finally seen a drop. Cozy Products reports its findings.

According to Slate’s December 8 report, a new study predicts that 2015 will have continued 2014’s drop in annual global CO2 Emission. Cozy Products, manufacturer of green personal heaters, provides insight regarding the situation.

The slate article states, “Globally, over the past 15 years, we’ve been dumping roughly an extra billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere every year, jumping from 25 billion tons per year to more than 37.” Despite these large numbers, the rate of the projected drop is thought to change by .6% this year.

2015’s decrease in emission from 35.9 billion to 35.7 billion tons seems to be surprisingly small. “That’s not a huge drop, but the point is that it dropped at all… and given why it happened it’s possible it’s a trend that may continue,” mentions the article. The bigger picture must be recognized to see the numbers and their true potential.

Slate explains that the recent carbon dioxide drop is largely thanks to global economies and their switch to renewable resources such as solar and wind power, along with the decrease in coal usage. China has become a lead player with their ample reliance on eco-friendly resources; alone, they have dropped CO2 emission by 4 percent.

Cozy Products, manufacturers of eco-friendly heaters, explains the importance of going green on their website. Cozy Products points out that between 1990 and 2011 worldwide net emissions of greenhouse gases have increased 35%. The United States, Asia, and Europe alone made up 82% of that overall total. The page explains that by utilizing green products, energy can not only be saved, but its benefits can affect the world on a much larger scale.

The Green page also explains that while saving the environment from unnecessary waste by using eco-friendly products, money is simultaneously saved in often large amounts, and in the case of companies that use green products, company image is greatly improved. As the public continues to place importance on the environment, these added benefits are only gaining in importance.

For decades, Cozy Products has offered personal heaters that are economical, green, safe, yet effective. Unlike standard space heaters, most Cozy Products only require as much energy as a standard light bulb to run—helping to conserve energy and save money.

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