Chicken Coop Care for the Upcoming Winter Season

As temperatures begin to drop, blogger “The Chicken Chick” stresses the importance of avoiding traditional heaters due to the associated risks and dangers. Low-watt heating manufacturer Cozy Products discusses her blog.


With the winter season coming close, the need for additional heat within chicken coops is a common concern. As a manufacturer of low-watt heaters, Cozy Products is familiar with the problem and discusses the issue.

“Don’t use heat lamps inside the coop… If absolutely necessary to add a few degrees to the inside of the chicken coop in the winter, utilize a safe heat source such as a flat panel heater that brings the temperatures up just a few degrees,” The Chicken Chick explains.

The flat panel heater she links to is the Cozy Coop, an ETL Certified Zero-Clearance flat panel heater that is rated for safety and low wattage.

“We are pleased to hear that customers were using the Cozy Legs for this application, our products are effective and efficient,” said a customer service representative at Cozy Products. Cozy Products are typically purchased for office and home use, but chicken coops are a natural extension especially because zero clearance means they are safe. While traditional space heaters emit temperatures that are too strong and possibly dangerous, Cozy Legs provides moderate heat using both radiant and convection heat and carries a safety certification that is not too hot for small spaces like chicken coops.

As explains, since chickens have the ability to adapt to lower temperatures in time, it is important to avoid having a drastic difference between indoor and outdoor climates. Too much heat creates a new problem where chickens are no longer able to adjust to the extreme cold, since the indoor coop temperatures are so warm.

When traditional space heaters are present in coops, it is not uncommon for chickens to huddle around it for extra warmth. However, in these cases, it becomes more difficult for them to acclimate to the cold that rests away from the heater and outside of the coop. The chickens then refuse to leave the coops, and instead continuously breathe in the wet and unhealthy air generating inside.

Due to fire hazards and other safety concerns, The Chicken Chick opposed any use of heat lamps inside a coop, as well. She states, “There is no way to use a heat lamp safely inside a chicken coop. Any chicken can fly into a heat lamp, catch its feathers on fire and incinerate the entire flock and coop.”

Cozy Products offers a complete line of low wattage and energy efficient personal heaters that not only save energy and money, but also reduce the risk of fire and circuit overloads. Based in Chicago, IL USA, Cozy Products strives for a superior level of quality with its products to provide customers with extra warmth even when surrounded by harsh temperatures. Cozy Products offer cost-effective solutions to keep comfortable in cold conditions.

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