Cozy Products Introduces "The Cozy Advantage"

As the temperatures cool down, Cozy Products warms up with the same tried-and-true customer promise it’s always had, keeping in step with today’s market demands for safer, greener, low-watt personal heaters.

Today’s public is better informed than ever, and Cozy Products could not be happier. As both companies and individuals alike demand higher standards for heating solutions, low-watt heating systems as safer alternatives to traditional space heaters continue to grow in popularity.

The Cozy Advantage is a promise that everything Cozy Products sells meets today’s strict criteria, and has been doing exactly that longer than anyone: heating products that are safe, economical, green, and effective. Every product sold by Cozy Products must adhere to these guidelines, identifying Cozy’s long-time commitment to amplifying market demands.

Safety is a major concern for today’s market, and with good reason. A recent 2013 report by the National Fire Protection Association shows that every year an average of 60,407 fires occur because of heating equipment, resulting in nearly 500 civilian deaths, over 1,600 injuries, and $913 million in property damage! The Cozy Legs personal heater is even an ETL Certified Zero-Clearance item, which means it can be used in tight spaces or mounted directly to surfaces without becoming a fire hazard. All Cozy products are rigorously tested to ensure they are as safe as possible and offer a long history of real-life use.

The low-watt requirement not only helps to improve product safety, but it saves a lot of money. One standard space heater might use 1500-2000 watts of electricity, resulting in an annual electric price of approximately $474.00. A Cozy heater however, at only 100-150 watts, would cost just $33 for the full year. That’s a difference of $441! If you multiply that by the numerous space heaters typically found in a home or office, the savings can be in the thousands of dollars.

Of course this also means energy conservation, which has become increasingly important to individuals and energy-conscious companies. Since Cozy Products only require about as much energy to run as a standard light bulb, this means a very literal ton and a half of CO2 savings every year.

Finally, these products are effective at keeping customers cozy and warm, hence the company name! "The Cozy Advantage" is a new term which summarizes the standards Cozy Products has always demanded; all products sold by Cozy Products meet this strict criteria.

Cozy Products is based in Chicago, IL and has been the established leader in energy-efficient, low-wattage heaters for over forty years. Cozy’s mission is to provide safe, green, money-saving heating solutions for today’s eco-conscious world. Save Money. Conserve Energy. Stay Cozy.

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