Real Simple Magazine Top 7 Space Heaters - Cozy Legs

According to Real Simple Magazine, the Cozy Legs Radiant Heater Panel is one of the top 7 space heaters on the market. The Real Simple ‘Daily Finds’ Newsletter provides readers and consumers with editor picks and recommendations for beauty products, home goods, and more. In this recent edition of Daily Finds, 7 Space Heaters – Real Simple editors name their favorite space heaters based on several factors including price, safety features, versatility, heating capacity, and more.

One important factor not mentioned in the article is energy consumption.  Of the seven space heaters offered, Cozy Legs is by far the most energy-efficient option.  The Cozy Legs personal space heater uses just 90 watts – this is as little as a typical light bulb.  All of the other space heaters use anywhere from 400 to 1500 watts – levels that often result in high utility bills and blown circuits.

Pricing for the seven recommended space heaters ranges from $30 to $139, with Cozy Legs falling somewhere in the middle at around $60 retail. However, manufacturer Cozy Products offers bulk discounts to office managers and facilities when multiple Cozy Legs heaters are needed to replace problematic, high-wattage space heaters.

One of the most prominent factors in choosing the seven space heaters is safety.  Most of the units have safety features to reduce fire hazards, such as automatic shut-off / tip-over protections.  However, Cozy Legs is the only model that is an ETL Certified Zero-Clearance item.  This means that Cozy Legs can be mounted with ‘zero-clearance’; safety tests indicate it will not catch fire even if combustible items are touching the heated panel directly.

All of the space heaters recommended in the Real Simple article are small and versatile.  Some, including Cozy Legs, can be mounted on walls or under desks for discreet, space-saving applications at home or at the office.  Real Simple editors describe Cozy Legs as “Good news for those with perpetually cold feet.”

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