New Cozy Products Website Targets Space Heater Issues While Offering Low-Wattage Heating Alternatives

Cozy Products launches new website to educate consumers on space heater safety, to provide savings opportunities to businesses, and to offer low-wattage personal heating devices for purchase.

Cozy Products recently launched a new website that educates consumers and business owners on the real costs of using traditional high-wattage space heaters. The new website also offers safe alternative personal heating products for purchase.

Cozy Products has been leading the low-wattage space heater movement for decades – proving that energy-efficient personal space heaters are a safe, effective, cost-efficient way to stay warm in the home and workplace.

Typical space heaters use around 1500-2500 watts. Cozy Products low-wattage personal space heaters use between 90 and 750 watts – most Cozy heaters use about as much energy as a light bulb.

The New Cozy Products website targets all of the key issues associated with space heaters:

1) Fire hazards – heating equipment was responsible for over 57,000 home structure fires in 2010 (NFPA)

2) Electricity costs – low-wattage space heaters can save users up to 95% in energy costs

3) Carbon emissions – using one high-wattage space heater can create over 2 tons of carbon emissions each year

4) Power outages – high-wattage space heaters trip circuits and blow fuses; for companies with many computers running, this can result in lost data and damaged equipment

5) Space heater bans – many organizations have officially banned space heaters, but chilly employees ignore the bans, smuggling in their own cheap (high-wattage) heaters just to stay warm

6) Temperature wars – the bottom line is, space heaters do have a purpose and Cozy heaters allow for safe, efficient, individual climate regulation

The new Cozy Products website encourages business owners to implement company-wide space-heater swaps. Basically, employees replace their old space heaters with a company-provided Cozy heater – usually Cozy Legs or Toasty Toes. Cozy Legs is safety-rated Zero Clearance, making it especially suitable for use in even the most highly regulated buildings. Why would any company make such an investment in space heaters?

One Fortune 500 company swapped around 450 high-wattage space heaters with Toasty Toes heated footrests and saw a per-season savings of $17,000 in energy costs and over 70 tons of carbon emissions. Read the fullCase Study here.

For more information about Cozy Products low-wattage personal space heaters, visit

About Cozy Products: Cozy Products is based in Chicago, IL and offers energy-efficient, low-wattage personal heaters that save on electricity costs, prevent circuit overloads and reduce fire risk. These personal heaters are safe for use by everyone and cost just pennies a day to run.

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