Cozy Products Introduces a Low-Wattage, Zero-Clearance Space Heater, Perfect for Office Use

Almost every office manager has found themselves in the middle of an office temperature war at one time or another. It’s too hot. It’s too cold. One employee can be visibly perspiring, while another is bundled in layers from head to toe. It’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy.

Chicago based company, Cozy Products, has developed a solution to this wide-spread problem. The Cozy Legs flat-panel personal heater is a low-wattage, zero-clearance item that keeps legs and feet warm using radiant and convection heat.

Many offices ban the use of space heaters due to high energy costs, safety concerns and inefficiencies caused by tripped circuit breakers. Cozy Legs can put an end to the office temperature wars and the concerns associated with the use of space heaters:

1.) Cozy Legs is a low-wattage, energy-efficient device that operates on just 150 watts – the same as an average light bulb. Typical space heaters use up to 2500 watts! Cozy Legs allow business owners to keep the thermostat lower while individuals who want extra warmth use the personal heater at their desks.

2.) Cozy Legs is a zero-clearance item. With most space heaters, flammable material must remain a certain distance from the operating device.

3.) Cozy Legs is certified by ETL to meet applicable U.S. and Canada electrical safety standards (UL equivalent). Even the strictest office and building codes can allow the use of the Cozy Legs personal heaters.

4.) Cozy Legs is ideal for office use. It can be used free-standing or wall-mounted under any desk. The gentle heat improves comfort and work performance. The 10-ft cord reaches most outlets without the need for an extension cord or additional power strip. And the in-cord roller power switch gives fingertip control for added convenience.

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