Case Study: Toasty Toes Facility-Wide Rollout

Testimonial submitted by Ted S., Facility Operations Manager at A******** Products

We recently distributed over 450 Toasty Toes foot warmers as a green initiative at our company!  We are a fortune 500 company with a campus of over 1 million square feet of office space.  A recent survey found almost 500 space heaters on campus.  By replacing the majority of space heaters we conservatively estimate that our company will save over $17,000 in electricity costs not to mention over 140,000 lbs in greenhouse gases in just one heating season!  Not only are your units inherently safer, but the nuisance breaker trips from space heaters are now almost non-existent.

Now that the giveaway is over people want to know where to get the Toasty Toes.  Thanks for providing us an easy way to save energy and improve office safety.

I was put in charge of operating the physical plant here at A*** Products about 18 months ago.  I've been tasked with reducing energy costs and finding efficiencies within our operations.  As I was looking through various EPA, DOE and many college websites I came across the idea of using foot warmers instead of space heaters.  Over the years we've experienced just about every negative that space heaters have with the exception of a fire, thankfully.  From the survey that showed almost 500 space heaters on our campus alone it was obvious the problem had gotten way out of hand.

After an exhaustive search and purchasing samples of many products I settled on the Toasty Toes.  One big plus for this product was the red LED that lights up when the unit is operating.  I wanted something that would remind the user that the unit was on.

The response has been overwhelming to say the least!  Giving people an alternative to their space heaters gives them an incentive to give them up.  While the giveaway was for our corporate headquarters only, many field sites have inquired where they can get the Toasty Toes.  Some field sites have simply banned space heaters outright!

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