Weird Warm Winter Inventions

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When winter hits, the intense cold is something to be dreaded the most. For those who despise such weather, much thanks is given to the inventors of heating systems, warm apparel, and hot cocoa. However, right now is not the time to celebrate the most-loved, warm creations of our time. Today will be the moment that the most-unusual inventions will be honored. Here are 7 products that scream creativity, in providing the world with that extra needed warmth: 
1. The Table Blanket
Ever found the urge to lay on the floor next to a table, but you realized it was too cold for comfort? Apparently someone has. Introducing the table blanket—two necessities merged into one. Now it’s possible to have a snack and take warm nap without having to move one bit.
2. Vase Sweaters
Vases can get cold too…so why not knit them a sweater? These Vase sweaters keep your home looking cozy and warm in the times of the harsh cold. Dress up your plant pots to fit the season. A little decoration never hurt anybody.  
3. The Nose Warmer
There is a solution to protect your frosty red nose from the usual winter nipping. Knitted nose warmers come in all different colors and themed animals. Sport a pig version like this one to have your nose look cute and cozy, despite the season’s cold.
4. The Baby Vest
What happens if you are a hardcore vest-lover and a new parent? The Warm Baby Vest is the perfect answer to all your problems. Keep the newborn comfy by simply wearing your favorite article of clothing. This vest incorporates an extra belly pouch that allows a parent and baby to simultaneously stay warm. Experience the kangaroo life like never before.
5. The Full Knitted Onesie
The Full Knitted Onesie is perfect for the lazy, cold-haters. This creation would be an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Forget the time it takes to choose the perfect outfit from day-to-day. With a warm one-piece like this, those worries are gone forever.
6. Couple Gloves
Sometimes it is nice to venture out into the cold and witness the beauty of the winter and holiday seasons. It’s even better when you have a loved one to join you. Couple Gloves set the romantic mood as you are able to join hands in a shared mitten. How weirdly adorable…
7. The Napping Pillow
A hat, a hand warmer, and comfy pillow all in one? Yes, indeed. The Napping Pillow makes it possible for workers to squeeze in a quick nap at their desk. Worn like a hat, the Napping Pillow holds a warm compartment for your hands to rest. It may look ridiculous, but it surely is intriguing.

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