7 Costumes that Will Grant you Some Warmth this Halloween

7 Costumes that Will Grant you Some Warmth this Halloween




If you are currently reading this blog for costume ideas, you could be one of two specific people—the ultimate Halloween procrastinator, or the over prepared individual already making plans for next year. No matter the case, the Halloween spirit can definitely overwhelm anyone trying to choose the perfect costume. Should you make it? Should you buy it? Is it original enough? Is it comfortable? Is it warm? As the colder weather continues to creep in while temperatures lower through the night, a top concern regarding what to wear could definitely be the weather. Who can complain about an original costume that doesn’t require you to freeze to death? Here are 7 warm and unique costume ideas that may do you just that:

1. The Throwback Costume: Beanie baby costumes will not only allow you to cover up, but they are surely a crowd-pleaser. Just combine a soft animal onesie with the all-famous ‘TY’ tag, and you’re pretty much set. It’s nearly impossible to mess this one up.

2. The Minimal Movement Costume: Felt, felt, and more green felt! Being a cactus would undoubtedly be an unexpected choice amongst your friends—definitely highlighting your sense of imagination. Throwing on a mustache could be the perfect ending touch. You may not be able to maneuver around as easily as norm, but boy are you going to receive a ton of smile and laughs.

3. The Easily Recognizable Costume: Who doesn’t know the Toy Story movie? My bet is not too many people. By dressing up as these Pixar aliens, it will be beyond simple to disguise your warmth. Since the outfit requires warm gloves and a hat, the cold will have a harder time reaching your body. Make all of your close friends join in just to multiply the fun.

4. The Extremely Realistic Costume: Dressing up like toy army men is perfect for kids and adults alike. Simply ‘greenify’ every piece of your outfit. If your costume is carried out correctly, people may have a hard time determining whether you’re real or fake—what a great trick and treat.

5. A Candy-Lover’s Costume: Why not prepare for candy by being a character from a candy movie? Willy Wonka’s Violet Beauregarde will do little to make you feel blue, but do more to make you look blue. Beware of narrow hallways or you will surely be stuck in a rut.

6. The Cute yet Unexpected Costume: This girl chose to transform into the face of a brand—the Snuggle (fabric softener) bear. This is a creative, cute, and warm costume for that will have everyone turning their heads for a second glimpse. Truly adorable…

7. You are What you Eat Costume: You can definitely alter this idea to fit an adult, but for some reason it looks extra fitting on babies—maybe it’s their resembling size to an actual burrito. Have everyone almost die of a cuteness overload, when they witness your newborn wrapped in a foil-like blanket as their favorite meal…Chipotle!


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