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With the Drop in Temperatures the Use of Space Heaters Increase the Likelihood of Dangerous Fires

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With temperatures dropping to ultimate lows this week, the risky use of space heaters become a common source of warmth for families and homes. Cozy Products, a manufacturer of safe and low wattage heaters, discusses a new blog in regards to this situation. A Cozy blog published on January 11th, 2016, reviews three recent cases of household fires that have been attributed to space heaters. Two accounts, reported by, had occurred consecutively within homes located in Hutchinson, Kansas. Altogether the damage that had accumulated from both fires was worth an estimated total of $60,000. Thankfully parties involved during the...

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The Science Behind Gender Temperature Wars in the Workplace: Why Women are More Susceptible to the Cold

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As reported by CBS News on Tuesday, a new study proposes that women’s freezing conditions at work can be attributed to males and a formula regarding their specific needs. Leader in safe, economical, green, and effective personal heaters, Cozy Products, reports the situation. Dr. Tara Narula, a CBS News medical contributor, reveals, “Women like it 77 degrees, men usually like it 72 degrees. That’s a big gap.” It is clarified that the estimate of temperature preference is directly related to the composition of each gender. Narula points out, “Women are smaller; they have more body fat, less muscle mass so...

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