The Dangerous Risks of Using Space Heaters

The Dangerous Risks of Using Space Heaters


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As temperatures drop during the cold of winter, space heaters become a popular source to preserve warmth inside homes and small spaces. Although traditional space heaters may appear like an effective solution during cold times, they can actually bring upon more harm than good.


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As reported by, two house fires in Hutchinson, Kansas had occurred within a small period of two days. The source of both fires was attributed to the use of space heaters within the home. The first event took about 45 minutes to contain with two individuals inside the home during the fire (both whom suffered minor injuries). The second event took around half an hour to quench, with an estimated damage of $30,000.




In another recent case reported by, fire squads answered to a barn fire located in Beloit, Wisconsin. In this situation, four horses were in danger as the barn went aflame, but rescued through efforts by officers and the owner. The article sums up the overall damage saying, “The barn is a total loss. There was a new horse trailer parked by the barn, which was also lost…The owner’s home, garage and vehicle were also damaged during the fire.” All due to a space heater malfunction, destruction was estimated at about $71,000 in total.


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Aside from the costly consequences, there are numerous risks that are associated with traditional space heaters. According to the National Fire Protection Association’s 2014 report, heating equipment is the cause for more than 60,000 home fires every year in the United States.


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During winter, lower temperatures cause families to search for any means to keep warm. It is important to remain aware of the risks associated with using certain heating devices. By sticking with safe alternatives, maintaining warmth and comfort within your own home does not always need to be dangerous. Make sure you have early fire detection devices installed throughout your home and check them each November leading up to winter. 

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