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Save money. Save energy. Stay safe.

  Heated Foot Warming Mat
  Rolls Up for Better Portability
  Warms Cold Feet on Contact

  Saves Money & Energy

NEW & IMPROVED Cozy Toes™ heated carpet mat is a low-watt personal space heater. Simply place under your desk to relieve cold feet & toes.

  • Uses just 70 watts - 95% less than a standard 1,500 watt space heater 
  • Greatly reduces fire hazards
  • Saves tons of energy & money
  • Warm & soft carpeted surface
  • Ideal for work spaces with cold, hard floors


I’ve been using this product for 3 years now, in my office underneath my desk and I absolutely love it! I use it all year round, as sometimes the office gets too cold in the summer due to the A/C. I’m satisfied with the results and it makes my workday a lot more enjoyable! 
–Tanya from New York City, NY

 My feet thank you. If you don't like this foot warmer, you're an alien! Or your feet don't touch the floor. I can't say enough about this product that has saved my attitude about working in my home office in the winter. I now look forward to sitting at my computer workstation in a room that doubles as an art studio (linoleum floor on concrete). I thank you. PS: make sure you purchase the hi-lo switch. Enjoy!
–Frank L. from Oak Park, CA

 This thing is pretty nice. It's like a heated rug. It doesn't make any noise and I don't get cold feet from the concrete floor anymore. The room seems much warmer even though the temperature is the same.
–Mac U. from Breckenridge, CO


  • Energy-efficient – uses only 70 watts
  • Improves comfort & performance in the workplace
  • One temperature setting
  • Easy to use – simple on & off switch
  • Gripping bottom to keep warming mat in place


  • Save energy. Typical space heaters use 1500-2500 watts while Cozy Toes uses only 70 watts.
  • Reduce risk. Space heaters are known to cause fires and blow circuit breakers Cozy Toes is safe!
  • Go GREEN. Warm your feet and toes, NOT the planet!
  • Save money. Turn down the thermostat and stay warm without over-heating the whole room. See how much you can save.
  • Stay warm. Cozy Heaters keep you warm so you are more comfortable and more productive at home and/or work.




  • 17.75" L x 17.75" W x 0.25" thick
  • 3 pounds
  • 70 watts
  • 110v
  • Carpet material: polypropylene
  • Backing material: fabric with non-slip gripping dots
  • Includes on/off switch

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