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Save money. Save energy. Stay safe.

  Battery-Powered Heated Inserts
  Stay Warm While On The Go
  Reusable, Safe, & Shock-Proof

Cozy Feet heated shoe inserts provide continued warmth & comfort to feet in any environment.

  • Ultra-thin, flexible foam pads conform to any shoe (from men's boots to women's heels to child sizes 2+)
  • Reusable pads warm to 98°F in seconds
  • Takes AA batteries in a pack that clips to your belt (allows for easy battery access while away from a charging source)
  • Ideal for camping, attending sports events, playing outdoors, & working

*Requires 4 AA batteries per charge (not included)


My husband and I went skiing last weekend and we brought our Cozy Feet with us. It is so convenient because I don't have to worry about recharging it or switching up to another heat pack.  And it fits in our shoes.  I highly recommend this product if you work outdoors or will be outside for long periods of time.
–Anonymous Reviewer

 What I like about the Cozy feet heat inserts is that you can walk around freely with them any where you want to go. You don't have to plug it into a wall because it uses batteries, so your'e not confined to a particular area. I use rechargable batteries instead of regular alkaline batteries for cost saving and convenience and it does keep you feet pretty warm for several hours. Very useful if you have cold feet in cold weather.
–Manny, Las Vegas, NV

 Great inexpensive solution to cold feet. These are an excellent option to keep your toes warm in the winter if you have poor circulation like me. They cost a bit more than the chemical warmers, but quickly become more economical since you can use them over and over. Unlike chemical warmers they keep working even when your footwear is basically airtight like many well-insulated boots.
–L. Venteicher, Waukon, IA


  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL ADULTS & older children sizes 2+
  • Polyester insert with super-thin embedded brass coils connects by flexible wires to two AA batteries
  • Protects & warms extremities, helps circulation
  • Gives extra warmth & comfort on cold days
  • The batteries fit in a small plastic case that clips to your belt
  • Convenient ON/OFF switch conserves energy for hours
  • Reusable pads warm in seconds to 98°F
  • Water-resistant & shock-proof for indoor & outdoor use

*Requires four AA batteries (not included)


Perfect for cold winter days outside or anywhere else a little extra heat is needed!

  • Camping
  • Playing in the snow
  • Skiing
  • Shoveling ice & snow
  • Outdoor winter chores
  • Hunting
  • Ice fishing
  • Playing hockey
  • Ice skating
  • Winter walking, jogging, & running
  • Construction workers
  • Attending sporting events

May also be worn elsewhere on the body, such as inside gloves/mittens, jean pockets, & more.


Keeps your feet warm without limiting movement! Ideal for long, outdoor trips.

Unlike chemical heat packs or insoles with small batteries held inside the unit, Cozy Feet are so thin they're barely noticeable. AA batteries may be easily changed from the belt-clip; no shoe removal or recharging hassles needed.

Experience a safer, energy-efficient alternative to short-lived chemically reactive pads or microwavable foot warmers.

Perfect for those with circulation problems!


  • Dimensions of each insert (longest points): 4.75" L x 2.875" W x 6mm thin
  • Dimensions of each battery pack: 2.65" L x 1.35" W x 0.65" thin, + metal belt loop
  • Package Dimensions: 12" L x 8" W x 2" thin
  • Retractable-roller cords with 58" of actual wire accommodates persons of any size
  • 3 volts (low-voltage) 2 watts
  • Completely reusable - takes AA batteries, life of unit depends on the charge of the batteries (normally 4-6 hours). For long trips, bring charged AA batteries.

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