Gro Mats are perfect for indoor growing!

Many gardeners enjoy starting garden plants early in the spring with indoor growing assistance from a heated Gro Mat.  A GroMat is a heated electric seed propagation mat that gives gardeners proper environmental control for delicate seedlings. 

GroMat seedling heat mats use consistent radiant heat for quick propagation of seedlings.  The raised metal rack holds seedling tray above the mat to provide gentle, even heat with proper circulation and air flow to the soil

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Why does bottom heat help seedlings to grow?

Indoor growers find that providing a constant heat source underneath seedlings is very beneficial.  Temperatures in the soil of indoor plants can be as much as 5°F lower than indoor air temperatures.  Seeds started indoors germinate sooner and produce healthier roots when the potting mix is warm. (Source: University of Minnesota – Horticulture Dept. 2009)