Workplace temperature wars are very common. You may be bundled up in layers at your desk while the person in the next cube is complaining it's too hot. It's extremely difficult for employers to please everyone, and they tend to keep the thermostat down simply because that's the less expensive option.

This leaves employees to their own devices in the fight to stay warm. Some offices have banned space heaters due to fire hazards and tripped circuit breakers. Others allow small desk heaters, completely unaware of the risk and the wasted energy.

Cozy desk heaters are the perfect solution to all workplace temperature wars. These small, low-wattage under desk heaters keep individuals warm while the company saves money on the heating bill and reduces the risk of fires and power outtages.

For a non-office workplace solution, see the Cozy Foot Warmer. Foot Warmer mats are perfect for keeping cold feet warm and cushioned at standing workstations (garages, warehouses, factories, etc.).