Cozy Products safe, effective, money-saving personal space heaters.

Cozy Products offers energy-efficient, low-wattage personal heaters that conserve energy, prevent circuit overloads and reduce fire risk. Founded in 1964 and based in Chicago, IL, Cozy Products strives for a superior level of quality:

  • Go green – save energy, save money! 95 watts vs 1,500 watts is a massive difference!
  • Reduced risk of fire, eliminate circuit overloads and power outages.
  • Effective, common-sense approach. Improve comfort, morale and productivity at home and work.
  • Excellent & ongoing customer service.
  • 6 month manufacturer warranty.

The Cozy Advantage: Safe, Economical, Green, Effective.

Be Safe

Fire caused by heating equipment is a very real risk, and the leading reason traditional space heaters are banned from many buildings and offices! According to a recent National Fire Protection Association Report, heating equipment causes an average of 60,407 fires, 488 civilian deaths, 1,621 civilian injuries, and $913,000,000 in property damage every year!

Cozy Products takes fire risk seriously, and all products sold are tested by reputable companies to ensure they are as safe as possible.  Cozy Legs is even Zero Clearance rated, meaning it can be placed directly on or against any surface or item without causing a fire hazard!

Save Money

Costing just pennies a day to run, Cozy Products personal heaters allow you to turn down the thermostat, lower heating bills and help save the environment – all while keeping your personal space cozy and warm. These energy-efficient space heaters are ideal for home or the workplace – Cozy has products to fit desk spaces and/or standing workstations. All of this adds up to money saved.

Conserve Energy

While delivering energy-efficient solutions for the workplace or home, Cozy Products strives to protect the environment in which we all live. Unlike standard greedy space heaters, Cozy Products require only as much energy as a standard light bulb to run. Environmentally-friendly organizations welcome our high-performance, low-wattage personal space heaters as a safe, efficient answer to traditional heating products.

Stay Cozy

Cozy Products provide gentle heat to warm your space and can also be therapeutic.  Keeping legs and feet warm provides relief and comfort for the entire body. Cozy products can help soothe everyday muscle aches, arthritis, and other common medical conditions. Our personal space heaters increase productivity, add comfort and relaxation during leisure activities, and most importantly – KEEP YOU COZY!